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We are currently conducting a survey of the maternity services and care provided on the Sunshine Coast. We want to ask you about your experience of being cared for while pregnant. From this information, we will work with our community of patients and healthcare providers to determine ways in which we can enhance the care of maternity patients.

In order to complete this survey, you must have had a baby while living on the Sunshine Coast in the last 3 years OR are pregnant and planning on having a baby in one of these communities.

How do we protect your information?

We are asking for your consent to participate in this survey. Your participation will provide us with valuable information that will be used to improve the primary health care system in our community. Your responses are totally anonymous; you won't be identified in any way. It is important that you know that:

  • Participating in the survey is not necessary for you to receive health services. 
  • You may withdraw from the survey at any time.

The survey is anonymous, and no one will be able to link your answers back to you. The information provided in the draw will not be attached to your completed survey. 

  • We will not record your name.
  • Like all other information you share with your care provider, this form will be treated privately.
  • We will not match your survey answers to your medical record at this clinic/hospital.
  • Results will be grouped and reported in group form only.
  • You have the option of not answering any or all questions.
  • This will not impact the care you receive here. 
  • By completing this survey, you are giving us consent to collect demographic information.
  • We are collecting identifiable information in accordance with section 26(e) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. 

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about this survey, please contact Cayce Laviolette at